Scott photographed our wedding at Quarry Bank in October 2017. He did a fantastic job getting all the formal pictures we wanted, as well as capturing guests in perfect, spontaneous moments. His fluent, reportage style was ideal for our wedding, as it meant nobody felt on the spot or under pressure to smile artificially. Scott has a sharp eye for picking just the right image, and a wonderful way with guests, getting them just where he wanted them. Everyone had a good word to say about Scott and guests who didn't know they'd been snapped at the time were delighted with his pictures. Choose Scott as your wedding photographer and you'll be getting someone who listens to your needs and adapts well to new suggestions. We want to thank him for capturing our wedding day in the joyful spirit it deserved and for delivering a professional, well-priced service that we'd recommend to anyone.

- Simon and Lucy Dean Moore

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I've been to a fair few weddings where the photographer lurks sullenly in a corner capturing Instagrammable shots of the couple with aching, Disney-smile faces and waits for the moment they've shot the first dance and can bugger off home. This was not the experience we had with Scott. He brought his years of commercial experience to the game to capture moments you didn't even know had happened and to make you feel so at home with the camera you might as well have just been on tour with Beyoncé. I adore our wedding pictures (and from someone who cringes at anything lovey-dovey that's saying something). Thanks, Scott – you made our day!

- Daisy and Rob Thompson


Scott is a photographer who is spot on at capturing moments, getting to know people and bringing a positive vibe with him wherever he goes! My mum now has a real soft spot for him! As a couple we aren't that 'lovey dovey', especially not in public, but we felt really comfortable around Scott to have pictures taken at what were personal moments.

     It’s true what people say, your wedding day really does fly by and you don’t get chance to have quality time with everyone that has come to share in your special day. Scott has managed to bottle up all the fun and emotion from the day through the amazing video and photographs he has taken for us, and it’s great to see that everyone else was having as much fun as we were!  To have these memories captured in such a heartfelt way is something very unique and we thank Scott for giving us the chance to re live the day whenever we look at our pictures.

    We gave Scott quite a vague brief as we completely trusted him and love his style of photography. Throughout the whole editing process Scott has been patient and understanding making sure we are fully happy.  The final images and video was done in super speed and the box they came in added to such a professional service.

- Sinead and Mark Hanlon



We were lucky enough to have Scott  photograph our Indian wedding. Of course I’ve never had an Indian wedding before so having a camera in my face was one of my worries for the big day.
   Scott arrived in plenty of time and ready to go despite having to travel 100 miles for an 8am start.  As soon as he started snapping away I was put at ease and didn’t feel worried about my posture or facial expression.  For somebody that doesn’t like photos, I found it quite enjoyable! 
   With all the family drama and general Indian drama going on around me, the photographs were one thing i knew I didn’t need to worry about. Watching Scott work the crowd I trusted he would capture portrait and documentary style images that we wanted. We are both so happy with the final set of pictures. 
    He captured my grandmother’s necklace in such a way I’ll treasure the picture always.

- Aanita and Paddy Halligan