A classic cinema inspired Cheshire affair

Scott photographed our wedding at Quarry Bank in October 2017. He did a fantastic job getting all the formal pictures we wanted, as well as capturing guests in perfect, spontaneous moments. His fluent, reportage style was ideal for our wedding, as it meant nobody felt on the spot or under pressure to smile artificially. Scott has a sharp eye for picking just the right image, and a wonderful way with guests, getting them just where he wanted them. Everyone had a good word to say about Scott and guests who didn't know they'd been snapped at the time were delighted with his pictures. Choose Scott as your wedding photographer and you'll be getting someone who listens to your needs and adapts well to new suggestions. We want to thank him for capturing our wedding day in the joyful spirit it deserved and for delivering a professional, well-priced service that we'd recommend to anyone.

Simon and Lucy

LUCY&SIMON_ 293.jpg